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Year of foundation: 2005
Address: Castle Road, Torquay, Devon TQ1 3BG
Location: The school building is constructed in the shape of a castle and is situated on a hill, overlooking the seaside resort Torquay at the English Riviera. The coastal town offers a safe and serene atmosphere. Only in 2012 the complete school campus was modernised elaborately.
Campus size: n/s
Number of students: 300
Ratio of boarders:    40% lodged in the boarding house, 60% at host families
Ratio of international students: 95%
Number of students from Germany: 20
Ratio girls/boys in %: 50/50
Ratio tutors/students: 1/15
School type: Senior School with IGCSE and 6th form (14 years of age and over)
Graduation: IGCSE, A levels, International Baccalaureate (IB)
Specific features: The EF Academy Torbay offers everything that is a feature of the traditional British school system and at the same time enhances every single teaching subject with a unique global aspect. The student body is international, the learning facilities are modern and the teachers are experienced in dealing with non-native speakers. Mentors of the surrounding community ensure that particularly the younger students can be encouraged specifically and taken by the hand. The residents of Torquay spare no effort to support the students and have their eye on them. Career advisers care about the individual university desires and applications. An EF Academy team is located in Duesseldorf, where it supports German parents and students from application through to graduation. A campus rotation is possible within the three EF Academy sites in England and the US.
Accommodation: The students live in two- or three-bed rooms in the sheltered boarding house just a bit off the school building or at selected local host families by request. The rooms in the boarding home are equipped basically and appropriately. All school buildings and the boarding house have Wi-Fi available.
Foreign languages: German, French, Spanish
Elective subjects: Duke of Edinburgh Award, chess, law, drama group, art group, photography group, film group, design group, cooking, gardening
Facilities/offers: multimedia classrooms, computer lab, school library, cafeteria, debating society, film group, free or reduced access to all leisure time facilities of the town of Torquay (fitness studio, bowling, climbing and much more) by use of a student ID, English preparatory course, flexible timewise as required prior to the beginning of the term, targeted preparation for the A levels and IB diploma
Range of sports: Football, basketball, swimming, tennis, table tennis, badminton, sailing, surfing, fencing, jogging, hiking, climbing. The offer is oriented towards the need.
Fee: IGCSE programme: starting from 22,650 £ per school year
IB or A level programme: starting from 23,250 £ per school year
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Link to the school website: http://www.ef.edu/academy/campuses/torbay/
  • Main building of the EF Academy Torbay
  • Campus of the EF Academy Torbay
  • Students in the student lounge of the EF Academy Torbay
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  • Students of the EF Academy Torbay at lunchtime
  • Pre-Christmas celebration at the EF Academy Torbay
  • Student lounge of the EF Academy Torbay
  • Billiard room of the EF Academy Torbay
  • Room in the boarding house of the EF Academy Torbay
  • Students of the EF Academy Torbay in conversation with each other
  • Students of the EF Academy Torbay at Torquay Harbour
  • View of Torquay from the sea