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Year of foundation: 2008
Address: Pullens Lane, Headington, Oxford OX3 ODT
Location: The campus of the EF Academy is located just 20 minutes of walking distance resp. 10 minutes by bicycle away from the centre of the venerable university city of Oxford. The international student body appreciates the proximity to the city centre with all its university facilities. Heart of the campus is Cotuit Hall, a restored, centuries-old, former manor house.
Campus size: n/s
Number of students: 230
Ratio of boarders:    65% lodged in the boarding house, 35% at host families
Ratio of international students: 95%
Number of students from Germany: 15
Ratio girls/boys in %: 50/50
Ratio tutors/students: 1/15
School type: Senior School with 6th form (16 years of age and over)
Graduation: A levels, International Baccalaureate (IB)
Specific features: Education and teaching staff are geared specifically to fit the student body for tomorrow’s global world. Owing to dedicated careers advisers the school is ideally suited for students who target very good results at their A levels or their IB diploma to study at a British top university afterwards. The cafeteria is shared with the EF language school. Hence the atmosphere at the campus is varied as well as multifaceted and has a certain university character. The EF Academy team in Duesseldorf advises and supports the German students from application through to graduation. A campus rotation is possible within the three EF Academy sites in England and the US.
Accommodation: The students live in two-, three- or four-bed rooms in the sheltered boarding house at the campus. The rooms in the boarding home are equipped basically and appropriately. All school buildings and the boarding house have Wi-Fi available. The accommodation at selected host families in Oxford can also be offered by request.
Foreign languages: German, French, Spanish, Russian
Elective subjects: Duke of Edinburgh Award, Global Young Leaders Conference, drama group, debating society, philosophy group, photography group, fashion and design group, jazz, dance
Facilities/offers: multimedia classrooms, computer lab, art studios, students’ lounges, cafeteria. Sports grounds, fitness studio as well as dance and yoga studio in the proximity of the campus, partial joint use of facilities of the Oxford Brookes University, English preparatory course, flexible timewise as required prior to the beginning of the term, targeted preparation for the A levels and IB diploma, placement of traineeships, participation in international projects and competitions, student exchange
Range of sports: Football, tennis, swimming, table tennis, bicycling, yoga, climbing etc. The offer is oriented towards the need.
Fee: IB or A level programme: starting from 26,100 £ per school year
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Link to the school website: http://www.ef.edu/academy/campuses/oxford/
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